2017 Oregon Coast Photo Tours
Join me this fall on the south Oregon coast in Bandon
Bandon Beach, Bandon, Oregon

This coming fall I plan on leading a series of photo tours in Bandon and the surrounding area. Bandon has become one of the photographic meccas of the Oregon coast and rightly so. Bandon boasts a high concentration of sea stacks that are easily reached from several access points right in town. The Port of Bandon is home to a small boat marina used primarily by recreational boats and the occasional yacht. Across the river is a very photogenic lighthouse with a variety of viewing angles. Nearby Charleston has its own attractions - Cape Arago, Shore Acres State Park and a much larger marina with commercial fishing vessels.


I have been photographing in this area since 1984. My approach will be one you don't typically see in such photo tours. We will immerse ourselves in this area rather than racing up or down the coast hoping to catch great light in a multitude of iconic locations. We will use Bandon as our base of operation and eliminate the logistics of relocating each day. Spending time in one location for a variety of sunrise and sunset lighting opportunities will enable you to capture some really great images from Bandon. If this appeals to you, consider joining me for in-the-field shooting plus learning my approach to post image processing during our downtimes.

Face Rock at sunrise, Bandon, Oregon
Face Rock at sunset, Bandon, Oregon

Tours are scheduled on days where tide times are optimum for being on the beach safely at sunrise and sunset. The itinerary will be dictated by weather and atmospheric conditions, rather than being in set locations, with less than ideal light, just because that is what the schedule dictates. Weather on the coast is a factor out of my control, but I will do my best to put us in appropriate shooting situations based on the weather of any given day. Primary shooting locations will be on the beach for sea stacks and the Coquille River Lighthouse. Should time allow, we will day-trip to nearby locations such as Charleston, the Cape Blanco Lighthouse or the Umpqua Lighthouse.


Tours are limited to a maximum of six participants. This will permit plenty of one-on-one instruction in the field. While the shooting situations are not strenuous, by my estimation, you will need to be able to navigate a long flight of stairs and a fair amount of soft sand beach walking. In most situations, you need to plan on having all of your gear with you as the vehicles will not always be readily accessible. Only you know if you are fit enough for this activity; it is not recommended if you have mobility issues.

Bandon Marina, Bandon, Oregon
Coquille River Lighthouse at dawn, Bandon, Oregon

While the tours are open to any skill level, I highly recommend that you be using an interchangeable lens camera system (either digital SLR or mirrorless) with at least wide angle to medium telephoto coverage (16mm to 200mm focal length in the 35mm format). Your camera should allow you to have full control of all aspects of focus and exposure - anything less would limit creative control.

A sturdy tripod with independently articulating legs is strongly recommended - not all shooting situations will be on flat or level ground.

Suggested filters: polarizing filter & 6-stop neutral density filter


The main tour spaces offered include lodging at a very comfortable vacation rental (bedroom w/ king size bed, shared bathrooms, full kitchen) where I will be staying. All post-processing instruction will take place here. It is a short ten-minute drive into town.

Should these spaces fill up, additional spaces may be made available at a reduced rate that does not include lodging. There are a number of lodging options available right in Bandon, including modest budget motels and vacation rentals.

All participants are responsible for transportation and meals. Carpooling will be encouraged among participants.

Meals in Bandon will generally be a modest cost. This is a great location for fresh seafood - you won't have to twist my arm.

Non-photographic spouse or friend will be welcome at a reduced rate.

Nearest airports are Portland (five hour drive), Eugene (two hour drive) and North Bend (half hour drive).

Coquille River Lighthouse at dawn, Bandon, Oregon
Elephant Rock at sunrise, Bandon, Oregon

Fall weather on the coast varies from being very pleasant to cold, windy and wet. I always travel there with all of my cold weather gear - insulating layers, wind parka and pants. You never know what the wind conditions will be on the beach on any given day. Spending hours on the beach, especially before and after sunrise, you are almost guaranteed it will be cold; especially if there is any breeze at all. I'll provide a complete list of recommended gear at sign-up.


Did I mention sleep is entirely overrated for a tour like this? We will be up early and on location at least an hour before sunrise. We will be out after the sun has gone down. Meals will not be on any sort of regular schedule, so if that is a medical requirement for you, this tour is most likely not for you. We will have snack bars and bottled water to supplement between meals.

The photo tours are being planned for September, October and November after the summer visitors have gone home. The weather this time of year can make for some pretty dramatic skies. The tours will be either three, four or five full days, depending on tides. If you have questions or an interest in such a tour, please let me know - contact. I look forward to hearing from you.

Face Rock with moon setting, Bandon, Oregon
Reservations & Deposits
A 50% deposit is required to reserve a photo tour space. The balance is due 90 days prior to the start of the tour. Booking within 60 days of a tour requires payment in full.

Cancelations & Refunds
  • If for any reason the tour must be cancelled, you will receive a full refund.
  • If you cancel 90 days prior to the tour, 50% of your deposit will be refunded.
  • If you cancel 60 days prior to the tour, you will receive a refund that is 50% of the tour cost.
  • If you cancel within 60 days of the tour you forfeit the full cost of the tour. However, if you refer an individual who books the tour or the tour becomes fully booked, you will receive a refund of 75% of your reservation.
Payment & Credit Card Usage:
Payment by check is preferred. Visa/MasterCard/American Express are accepted but a 3% SERVICE CHARGE will be added for all credit card transactions. Credit card information will be accepted only over the phone. DO NOT E-MAIL CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.
Bandon Beach at sunrise, Bandon, Oregon
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